Crazy Blessed!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hands up if you have purchased craft items that you rarely use because they looked pretty on the store shelf or you just had to have it regardless? Yes, I'm putting my hand up! I've recently moved my craft room from the living room into the spare room and in doing so I was able to really look at everything I have accumulated. So, I have now made a conscious effort to start using my craft supplies more often... and today I've taken a stencil and used it as a template for stitching instead of getting all messy with inks!

DESIGNED FOR | Jillibean Soup
PROJECT | Crazy Blessed Layout

THE STORY | Our three children have always wanted to eat and drink whatever their father is having so he has learned over the years grab extra so he has enough to share. Recently our youngest has taken a liking to 'daddy's milkshake' so an extra straw is now mandatory. I had to be quick to get this photo and I'm so lucky I managed to snap it when I did because it was such a precious moment.

PRODUCT LOVE | I am truly enjoying this ombre style embroidery cotton that I found in a bargain bin recently so I purchased every different colour on offer.

SUPPLIES | Jillibean Soup
Soup Staples III: Brick Wall (JB0405), One Way Ticket (JB0406)
Ephemera Packs: Blue (JB0437), Red (0436)
Mix The Media Mask: Crazy Blessed (JB0446)
Sequins: Holly Berry Borscht (JB0392)
Notebook Tags: Funny (JB0415)
Wood Veneers: Halloween (JB0374)

Doodlebug Rub-ons, Mister Huey's Opaque White, Ombre and White Embroidery Thread.

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  1. Such an awesome moment captured. I love the triangles and tomorrow I am going in search of ombre embroidery cotton. I love the effect.

  2. great tutorial! That thread is cute!

  3. Wonderful stitching and I love the triangles!

  4. Awwww...this is just so beautiful! (Both the moment you captured and the layout. Teddy is looking SO grown up now!) You always make everything work perfectly, and that stitching with the ombre thread is DIVINE!
    As for all those "things" we just have to have, I have been doing the same assessment in my stash lately and trying to make a conscious effort to layer more on my layouts and try to use up some of my really old papers whenever I can. I figure I loved them when I bought them, and even if I don't love them as much now, I don't want to waste them. (It may take me until 2035, but it's a start!) XXX

  5. Good on you for snapping that perfect moment! It is precious! Love the triangle elements you have on your page too, beautiful layout!