Monday, July 13, 2015

Pinterest Inspired...

I love to lose myself in Pinterest... especially on cold nights where I'm tucked up in bed and the farmer is browsing for machinery and I'm wading through pages of beautiful gardens, home decor, recipes designs etc. I guess that's why I enjoy DT projects when we have to hunt for a Pinterest Inspired piece to base our scrapbooking designs from. Recently on the Scraptastic Club blogNathalie and I joined forces and found this illustration on Pinterest by the talented Australian artist Laura Blythman to use as our inspiration.

It's so interesting to see how different designs can be conjured from just one picture. 

Scraptastic - Melinda - Forever Layout

I decided to take a subtle approach as I really wanted to use this photo of my niece on her wedding day. I kept with the existing colour theme from the Pinterest design, however I added a touch of aqua as that was the wedding colour. I loved the overlapping scallop design of the original piece so mimicked this technique using hearts punched from both the Darlene Main Kit and the Darlene Add On. And just to make me extra happy, both Darlene kits had lots of lovely gold 'bits and pieces' to really tie in with the original pin.

Scraptastic Club - Melinda Spinks - Forever Layout- Closeup 2

In keeping with the original Pin I used a vertical design on my page and drew the eye down the layout with the use of the colour pink.

Scraptastic Club - Melinda Spinks - Forever Layout - Closeup 1

Scraptastic Club - Melinda Spinks - Forever Layout - Closeup 3

Finally I added a touch of random stitching just to add a touch of softness to the overall feel of the layout.
So, who else loves to lose themselves in Pinterest and if so... what do you Pin the most?
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

School Photos *sigh*

Today I am going to stand on my soap box and admit that school photos are usually the last pics I choose to scrap. I don't know why... I think it's because I can never come up with fun designs and I struggle with the primary colours... where's the pastels!!! Well Doodlebug must have been listening because they have designed THE most gorgeous 'Back to School' collection that actually ticks all the boxes. Fun theme, primary colours with a hint of pastels and measuring tape washi!

My son is now in grade three so it truly has taken me a while to drag these photos out.

Now I know I've done a few of these collages as I love to play around with lots and lots of ephemera... I just can't help myself. So, if you would like to have a go yourself then I'll briefly explain my process and give you a few tips that I've learnt along the way.

Step 1: I found an apple shape on the internet and printed it out to the size I required then placed it onto my cardstock and using a hand-held embossing tool I marked the outline. I usually find it best to place my cardstock on top of a cork mat so the indentation comes through. You could use pencil but it becomes a bit tricky to erase it afterwards.

Step 2: I always start laying down the largest embellishments first so I have them balanced across the shape and I place my photo temporarily on the layout so I don't have to worry about putting pieces behind it.

Step 3: Next I fill in the rest of the shape with smaller pieces being careful to really watch my colours so I don't overdo the one colour too much in the one place.

Step 4: Finally I use Epoxy Sprinkles to fill all the small gaps and to complete the outline. The more gaps you fill the crisper the shape becomes.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope I have given you some ideas in how to get the most out of all your stickers, brads, buttons and epoxies and a way that perhaps you hadn't thought about or just hadn't attempted yet.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A new gig!

I'm so delighted to be joining the Scraptastic Club as a designer and keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up with the amazing standard set by the uber talented group of existing designers. After having almost six months of craft room neglect I feel as though I have so much to catch up with and also to find my 'groove' again. I never realised just how rusty I would feel.

And now to share my very first 'official' design team layout using the Darlene Kit and Darlene Add On...

Mr Wilson having his fifteen minutes of fame.

I was immediately drawn to the feather stencils from the main kit and played around with different ways to use them. In the end I went with a basic technique of using the stencils as a template to hand- draw the feathers using a fine marker. I was actually really pleased with the effect... even if I had to do it twice as I completely goofed the first attempt.

Truly loved the ephemera from the Simple Stories I Am Bits & Pieces and really had to restrain myself from plastering my entire page with birds and flowers.

I'm looking forward to getting the mojo back and to sharing more designs from the Scraptastic Club Kits.
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

'I catched a ant'

Hands up those of you who've purchased an entire themed collection just for one layout? We all get a little carried away when it comes to buying pretty papers and embellishments because they are just so darn irresistible, yes? Well today I'm going to share a layout I created using the Doodlebug Design Patriotic Picnic collection and as you can see... it doesn't have a thing to do with July 4.

My littlest man is just learning about critters and often comes inside with a snail or two so when he proudly 'catched a ant' I wanted to capture the moment for him. And, how delighted was I to see the adorable 'family picnic' patterned paper with ants all over the flip side.

TIP: Most themed collections come with a neutral or alternate pattern on the reverse side which gives you an opportunity to create outside of the theme.

Patriotic Picnic colours are very much attuned to the red, white and blue however there were hints of yellow, orange and green mixed in so I decided to add a small splash of yellow as an alternative pop of colour.

And as for the wee little ants... I just had to use them on my layout seeing as they were the main focus to the entire story and because they were just too darn adorable!

I hope I've given you ideas on how to work with ALL your papers, regardless of the theme. It sure does make your products stretch further and you can have lots of fun along the way.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

For the love of Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of those places you can completely lose yourself in and not have to concentrate on what you are doing. I love nothing better than being curled up in bed and browsing through board after board of fabulous gardens, food recipes, home decor, crafts and fashion.. which is where I stumbled across this wonderful picture of a model deep-etched over the back-drop.

 I also loved the faint colour-scheme of the floral arrangement which led me to use the 'Chickaniddy' Date Night collection as it had similar hues.

Speaking of the Date Night collection... here are the supplies I used for the layout!

Supply List: Date Night - Awesome Blossom (DN14OS01), Cutest Couple (DN140S05), Spiffy Tags (DN14OS07), Blackwoods Lovin (DN14OS10), Alpha Stickers (DN14EB01), Illustration Stickers (DN14EB02), Mini Sticker Banners (DN14EB03), Mini Sticker Tags (DN14EB04), Mini Sticker Sentiments (DN14EB05), Brads (DN14EB06), Enamel Hearts (DN14EB07).

1. First step was to deep-etch my photo... and a note to self, choose an easier subject next time.
2. I wanted to have more texture to my background than the original design so I used layers and layers of stickers and strips of patterned paper before placing my photo on top.
3. Next step was to add small clusters of flowers, brads and enamel hearts in a similar position as the Pinterest photo, using foam pop dots for added dimension.
4. I then positioned the heading and added two rows of stitching top and bottom.
5.  The last step was to add my journaling and then position strips of patterned paper and a hint of embellishments at the very top and bottom to draw the eye into the centre of the layout.

Inspiration can be found in the most amazing places and sometimes you are completely unaware that you have been inspired. It could have been a shop window display, or the cover of a book, or the colours of a bedspread in a store and quite possibly a random picture on your Pinterest page. Wherever it was, it has meant something to you at the time and 'stuck' with you in your creative thought process for future use in your memory keeping.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blue Jeans and Cowboys

I was truly overwhelmed with the beautiful response to my previous post
 in regards to what has been going on in my life for the past six months. Thank you so much for leaving such heartfelt comments!

I am also truly thankful for having these two cowboys in my life but I'm also thankful for the 'flip-side' of patterned papers! At first glance you would think the Chickaniddy Scrumptious collection to be quite feminine but lurking in the background are gorgeous colours and patterns that are perfect for the boys!

Here are the products I used for my layout:

Supply List: Scrumptious - Back to School (SC14OS04), Check Please (SC14OS09), Fall Bouquet (SC14OS01), Hay Ride (SC14OS05), Home Sweet Home (SC14OS02), New Harvest (SC14OS10), Nutmeg (SC14OS07). Alpha Stickers (SC14EB02), Die Cut Tags (SC14EB04), Enamel Stickers -  Stars (SC14EB09), Journal Tags (SC14EB03), Mini Brads (SC14EB08).

Layout Recipe:

1. I chose a selection of four different papers and cut 1.5" x 1" rectangles to create my patchwork pattern which I adhered on a diagonal for something a little different.

2. I trimmed a strip of the denim paper to act as a border across the top of the patchwork and added some stitching, a belt keeper and a few brads to resemble the top of denim jeans.

3. I have never shied away from adding flowers to a boys layout however I didn't want to go too overboard on this one seeing as it was about my two cowboys. I kept the flowers to an absolute minimum and used punched leaves, brads and stars to fill in the gaps.

4. My son's shirt had small stripes of mustard yellow which opened up the opportunity to add a bright contrasting colour to the earthy colours in the heading and the smaller leaves. Lastly I added a few splatters of blue ink to soften the edges of the layout.

Thank you for stopping by today and hopefully I've given you some inspiration to flip those papers over and see what new ideas can come from the outside of the box.
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Finally... I'm back blogging!

Thank You!
I'm back and my goodness it seems like forever since I have blogged so please excuse me if I appear slightly rusty! I have had quite some time away from my craft desk and also from social media and have slowly been getting back into it over the past couple of months. I won't bore you with all the details however I would like to briefly explain what has been going on in our lives. Way back in December, 2014 we lost a dear loved one who lived on the farm with us and although he was 101 years old it was still traumatic. Two days later our rural community fell victim to a large fire that tore through neighbouring farms including our own. Fortunately lives and homes were spared but crops and stock didn't fare too well. The continuing weeks saw Christmas come and go as we continued to stay on high alert putting out spot fires that were occurring daily. January through to February brought us hospital time for both our youngest son and also myself. Finally after months and months of worry and rebuilding we seem to be back on track and getting to that point of a normal existence again. I would like to take this time to say a big Thank You to those of you who sent messages with your concern, it was very much appreciated and also made me feel as though we weren't going through everything alone. x

Now, onward with the scrapping!
I'm going to have to do some major 'catch-up' so I apologise in advance if you've already seen my blog posts projects on social media.

Today I'm sharing a layout I created for Doodlebug Design Inc using the gorgeous 'Sunkissed' collection.

A dear friend of mine had some amazing photos taken of her boys in their new pool and I couldn't resist creating a layout for her using Sunkissed... it just seemed to work in perfectly!

I've commited myself to making sure that every layout I do from now on has some form of story, no matter how brief and it must also contain a date. I have been a little slack worrying more about design than actually paying attention to the details that will matter in years to come.

However, in saying that... I still want to play around with fun designs and I'm hooked on using all the little embellishments to create fun mosaic styled backgrounds for my photos. And how cute are all the 'Sunkissed' bits and pieces? Doodlebug's standard colour palette means that no matter what collection you are using, all the embellishments will match... no matter what! Love it!

I love hand stitching on layouts because I truly find it relaxing and it means I can sit and catch up on a bit of television whilst I'm at it... it's my therapy!

Thank you for stopping by today and I must say... it's good to be back!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's a Jolly Good Christmas!

So this is Christmas...
I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that it is December, harvest is in full swing and I've been in bed with a pinched nerve in my neck. Oh the joys! Atleast my son is prepared as he has diligently been researching every toy catalogue that has passed through our mail box for ideas on what to put in his Santa letter. I love that he really studies exactly what he wants rather than putting down anything and everything.

CHRISTMAS IN PINK | Every year I like to choose a colour scheme for our Christmas and this year it just happens to be pink! I've never been one to shy away from using pink on a boy's layout as long as there is some blue added into the mix. Heidi Sonboul (Chickaniddy Crafts) obviously doesn't see it as a problem either as her Jolly Good collection is a mix of pinks, blues, lime and a hint of red, orange and yellow.

PRODUCT LOVE | I cannot get enough of these gorgeous epoxy stars as they add such a subtle and soft Christmas feel to the layout.

WAITING FOR THE TREE | Every year we order a 'real' tree through a local charity club and the arrival dates are a bit hit and miss so we're still patiently waiting. In the meantime I've had the chance to get a few new decorations made in pink!

TECHNIQUES | I had a little fun using some of my favourite techniques... punching and fussy cutting. It's nice to give those punches a dust off every now and again!

Chickaniddy - Jolly Collection

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