Friday, April 21, 2017

I struggle with backgrounds to my layouts and more often than not I find myself using white because it's 'safe'. So every once in a while I force myself to use a patterned paper or darker shade as a background and although it takes a great deal of effort I usually love the result in the end.

I love these photos of my oldest and youngest because they have a very special bond. They do fight quite a bit but they also have allot of time for each other. I printed the photos in black and white because it allowed the focus to be more on their faces than the colour of their clothes. To brighten the rest of the layout I chose several different size flower punches and found an itty bitty leaf punch that I used to create the floral effect across my page. Mind you, I didn't realise how long it would take to hand stitch all those stems. Note to self, be a bit more conservative next time!

I also added a little hand stitching across the bottom of the photos to help draw the eye down the layout and to soften the join in colours.

I'm absolutely smitten by the new Doodlebug Petite Prints range of gingham and linen. I decided to do this entire layout using only the linen side as the smaller pattern worked perfectly with the tiny punches.

White rub-ons are a staple in my stash as they work beautifully on dark backgrounds as I've never found a white pen that will match the quality.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Doodlebug's Flea Market... can it get any cuter? At the mere mention of the name you envisage all sorts of eclectic goodies combined with a dreamy fall color palette and the all important whimsical creatures.  I honestly couldn't wait to get started with my project as I'd already had a photo in mind and I'd even pre-drawn a rough layout... you could say, I was all set to go!

My littlest muchkin was enjoying the last of the warm Autumn weather and decided he'd spend the afternoon with his fur-companion Miss Lizzy. I'm sure the dog wore more sand than was absolutely necessary but she didn't seem to mind. I printed out the photo in a circular shape as I wanted to incorporate it into my round collage instead of plonking a square photo on top.

I used a dinner plate to draw my outer circle for the collage and then adhered the photo in position using foam pop dots so as I wanted it to be slightly raised so I could slide a few bits and pieces underneath the edges. Then it was decorating time!!!

And can you spy the beautiful new 'Petite Print' pattern... this particular side of the double sided patterned paper is called 'Linen' with the reverse side being 'gingham'. I think it is my new favourite of the Petite Range.

As a last little feature I wanted to add one of the tiny little mice and hide him in some washi grass. Awww, he is too cute!

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Monday, April 10, 2017

"Make me a Captain America Shield" was the answer my four year old son gave me when I posed the question of what children's project he would like me to create with him. That probably wasn't the response I was expecting but he was insistent that was all he wanted. Next time I don't think I'll ask.

He loves the Avengers and has a few of the characters but Captain America seems to be the one he carts around with him the most. At first I had no idea how to make a shield with paper until we talked about it a bit more and he said he would like a picture to go on his wall above his bed. Now THAT I could manage.

I dragged out every red, white and blue embellishment and paper I could find after tracing the shape onto my white cardstock with an engraving tool.

There was a very eclectic mix of collections used but that didn't pose any issues as I was only after the colour and not the theme.

The finished result left me devoid of nearly every red, white and blue embellishment I had on hand but one little man was super excited to have his Captain America Art hanging above his bed.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I have given you some inspiration for that Avenger loving little person in your family.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

As part of our design team requirements at Doodlebug we are challenged to produce work with certain themes in mind. Today's particular challenge was to take a layout that was designed by a previous DT designer and put our own stamp on it. We also had to use a particular Doodlebug colour and I was given the gorgeous 'Cupcake'. How could I refuse, pink is my favourite colour. I chose this sweet layout from the incredibly talented Tonya Prawitt whose work you will continually see in the Doodlebug product catalogue... yes, she's amazing!

'You are my Sunshing' layout by designer Tonya Prawitt
I loved the way she incorporated a twine rainbow into the background of her layout and seeing as I've been on a bit of a 'stitch-fest' lately I thought it was a great place to start.

I'm really enjoying the crazy style of stitching because it doesn't matter if I'm neat or not as it's great for hiding little imperfections. I know my color for this challenge was pink but you can't have an all pink rainbow. However, I did keep the colors soft as I really wanted the rainbow to remain as a background feature.

I continued with inspiration from Tonya's layout using the cloud design as a frame for my second photograph and I also added an italic heading.

I even managed to sneak a few flowers into the layout to really use the most of Tonya's original design. The pink papers and embellishments are from the two gorgeous new collections 'Kitten Smitten' and 'Fun In The Sun'.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Puppy Love... that's how my son feels about his K9 friend and also the name of the collection from Doodlebug that I used to put this layout together. It is actually a layout that you can re-create with all your left over bits and pieces which is a good way to get the absolute most from your products.

This is my son's beautiful puppy 'Toby' who came along for Ben's 10th birthday and they have been inseparable ever since. Toby sure has been a ball of fluff and trouble chewing everything in sight... especially shoes *groan*. This little speech bubble was absolutely perfect for this photo as Toby was covered in mud and completely banned from coming inside.

More fun stitching. I really wanted to have clouds and the sun on this layout to complete the look of a whimsical picture but I didn't want them to be solid paper so I decided that hand stitching would make a better choice.

The little dog house was created by simply cutting out the shape from white cardstock and adhering all my bits and pieces from the collection. You could also cut various icons from left over patterned paper and add them using foam pop dots for the added dimension.

I wanted the photo of Toby to be the same shape as the doorway to the little dog house but that meant I would lose his cute paw from the bottom of the pic. So, I decided a bit of deep etching was in need to keep the paw as part of the layout.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

How does everyone plan their layouts? Do you literally sit at your desk and let the creative juices flow and see what happens or do you plan it all out before hand so you know exactly what it's going to look like? I'm a planner! I cannot even begin to scrapbook unless I have a little sketch of what my layout is going to look like. Mind you, I have sketches everywhere on scrap-paper, the back of shopping dockets, used envelopes, you name it... I've used it! Mostly because ideas come to me randomly and I have to get them down on paper before I forget. Sometimes I wish I could print straight from my thoughts, how cool would that be?

Here's my scribbled sketch on the back of an electricity bill envelope. I had a very clear idea on what I wanted to do with this one although I didn't know I'd hand stitch the heart until much later. Sometimes I stay true to my doodles and other times I wander off track a bit.

I always wanted the paw print to be a collage so that was the easy part and the very first thing I did after the stitching. I must be honest, I'm totally in love with the pastel colours of the Smitten Kitten collection, so much so that I found it really hard to bust open the first packet and start using product. I just didn't want part with it.

Now, can you see the little fishy bone paper clip? THAT my friends is another new product from Doodlebug... 'Cute Clips'. And they are the sweetest darn things ever. Also, that's our beautiful boy 'Mr Wilson' - who's getting his 15 minutes of fame.

The 'meow' die-cut title is from another relatively new Doodlebug product 'Odds and Ends' which are little packets of goodness full of die-cut pieces to perfectly co-ordinate with each collection.

Loving the meow washi tape too and the wee little paw print sprinkles.

So, curiosity killed the cat... how DO you plan your layouts?
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Stepping outside the box!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Today I'm opening my post with a question... Do you have a style of scrapping that you stick to or do you break your own rules and just 'wing-it'. I never really thought about 'style' and whether or not I had one until I was filing my layouts into an album and almost every page had an all white background. It got me to thinking that perhaps I needed to break away from this repetition and 'dare' myself to use an all patterned background.

I was spoilt for choice with all the gorgeous patterned papers in the 'Fun In The Sun' collection but I must admit I did find it difficult to get my head around using patterns. I nearly caved and went for the white but I stayed strong.

I don't know if you would call stitching a particular part of anyone's style but it's something that I love doing on most of my layouts. At first I thought the patterned paper would be more than enough without having to add stitching but in the end I succumbed and added it anyway. Some habits are hard to break.

Now let me just make mention of the brand new 'Odds & Ends': it's a small packet of non-adhesive die-cut pieces that will have you wondering where your restraint has gone.

So, who is going to try a break away from their usual 'style' and create a layout that is completely opposite to what you would normally do?

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Something old, something new!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Who has a craft room that has more product than your local scrapbook store? I'm not saying that I do, but sometimes I wonder when I'm ever going to use everything I have purchased over the years? So that's why I think it's important to really use what we have in the most efficient way possible... to get the most out of our 'stash'. Mixing and matching is a perfect way to use up product that has been left from a previous collection(s) and add it to a new collection so we still feel as though we are playing with new supplies.

Doodlebug have a base palette of 12 colours with which they create all their collections so everything from one range of product to the next will match perfectly. Every now and again an extra colour or two are added to a certain range but never fear, it is always perfectly in sync with the rest of the line so you never have to worry about colour clashing. That's why you can grab those old papers you've been holding onto and marry them with your latest purchase and they will always blend to perfection. And to give you an example... this layout was created using product from the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Valentine's and Easter collections.

One of the easiest designs to create using Doodlebug products are... of course... rainbows! This particular rainbow was very simple to make and it was done without using an electronic cutting machine so a perfect design for those of you who still like to do things by hand. I dusted off my old Martha Stewart circle cutting tool and cut six circles in varying sizes from the Petite Prints - Swiss Dot papers.

I didn't bother going all the way around as it was easier to just do one sweep with the cutting tool rather than having to stop half way and change hands. I will the be the first to admit I never get that right and always end up with a rather odd shaped circle.

Once I had positioned my rainbow pieces in their correct order I laid a ruler over the half way mark and cut through each piece to give a straight line at the bottom. However, this takes a bit of effort as you need to hold the ruler down firmly so the pieces don't slip. An easier way to do this would be to draw a line across your pieces and then cut using a pair of scissors.

When assembling the rainbow onto my layout I started with the outermost piece first so that I could position it exactly where I wanted it to sit. If you start from the smallest piece you may find that your rainbow is sitting further to one side than the other or perhaps too close to the top of your paper.

And now for the fun stuff... adding the embellishments!

I simply layered my pieces using foam pop dots to create a fun and colourful landscape for my photos. Now I wonder if you can pick all the different collections I've used?

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