My parcel arrived...

Monday, November 30, 2009

After much anticipation and many phone calls to FedEx to track my missing parcel, they found it and now I have my first shipment of Imaginisce products... Woohoo!
So last night I sat down and played... and this is what I created with the wonderful Polar Express range of products. I decided to make a wine bottle topper because we have quite a few to give away for presents this year and I really wanted to dress them up. These little boxes are an ideal way to add a bit of Christmas cheer so the bottles can take their place under the tree. I even got to play with my new i-top to make the buttons in the centre of the Imaginisce Poinsettia petals, so easy and so effective... I must say... I love my new toy!
I have made a template for these little boxes but haven't quite worked out how to get it onto the blog... still a work in progress. Update... I finally did it, couldn't quite work out how to upload it in a pdf so took a photo of it. LOL! I haven't put any instructions as it is fairly easy to make. Have fun!

From farm to you...
Melinda x


  1. seriously, these are some CUUUUUUUTE wine toppers! :) glad you got to play with your box of goodies. i'm still jumping up and down with excitement with all of the stuff in the box! hehehe. :) anyway, hope you have a fantastic day!


  2. Very clever. And I see you've been playing with that little i-top too!! The bears are so cute.

    I'm lovin' that if you have to test out the wine you can just remove the topper and find a new bottle later!!! All in the name of versatility I say..... make sure it fits several!!!

  3. Such gorgeous ideas love what you have done with your goodies (when they finally arrived!)

  4. Yes, I would absolutely LOVE the template to the wine bottle toppers. You are so talented girl!


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