The best kind of flattery...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspiration is found in funny places, we can find it in magazines, bloghopping, browsing websites, sometimes it might even be a particular fabric that catches our eye or a shopfront decoration... wherever it comes from, we take it home and create our own unique piece of work that we can be proud of.

I'm always scribbling ideas on the back of a serviette if I'm out, or in my daughters homework book if I'm in the car and she's running and errand for me, but my biggest place of inspiration and doodling is none other than my shower as I wait for the glass to fog up and then I set to task drawing up weird and wonderful designs for my next layout.

The showerdoor is where the idea for my 440 punched flower layout came from and I couldn't wait to towel dry and begin the arduous task of prepping the flowers... some days later I was the proud owner of my newest creation. My scrapping friends called me crazy and yes I had to agree as I nursed a rather sore thumb from all the punching.

I know most of you have seen this layout before as I've posted it a couple of times on my blog and various scrapping galleries. And yes, there are 440 punched flowers... I counted each and everyone! LOL!
Since doing this layout I've had quite a few emails from fellow scrappers asking if I would mind them using the design for their own personal inspiration, to which I have always felt honoured and never hesitated to say yes.
When I first started scrapping this was something rather foreign to me and I never thought about people wanting to re-create something I had done. Over the time I have spoken with friends about the 'scrapjacking' of a layout in quite lengthy discussions and we all agreed that it was 'the best kind of flattery' to have someone want to copy your work. And to be honest, we've probably all done it in some way or another, whether it be to copy a particular way someone has added a heading, or the way they've placed some embellishments or simply the colour scheme... it's how we gain inspiration!

A few weeks ago I was faced with a situation that I wasn't quite prepared for... I was accused of "copying a layout and how dare I lay claim to the ownership when it clearly wasn't mine". Sadly, that was the first of a subsequent three more accusations from people in regard to this one layout, that I had 'stolen' someone's design and used it for my own personal benefit.

So, after driving a little too fast to the nearest Australian chain-store in question, I stood in front on this rather large billboad advertisement and my jaw hit the floor.

So, I stood looking at this layout and then pride swelled up inside me... there I was standing in front of a big advertisement with 'my' design on it. Okay, it wasn't my layout, but it was my design. Now, I would just like to clarify that yes, the advertisment is advertising American Crafts and I'm on the Pebbles design team who are owned by American Crafts. But, the ad was an in-house commission from the chain-store in question and American Crafts weren't aware of it!

So, why am I talking about this on my blog... well I just wanted to express to you that we are all involved in a wonderful industry of crafting. We get to make things with our hands and from our hearts, and whether we come up with original designs or not, we are all creating and being creative which is better than doing something that is less positive with our lives. To those of you who thought I had 'scrapjacked' the design, I feel priviledged that you pay such close attention to my work as you recognised it straight away, thankyou!  
And to the artist of this sweet layout... copying is the best kind of flattery!


  1. I knew there were alot of flowers, but didn't realize THAT many!! Wow, your thumb was sore after all of that. Personally, I love yours. It is so so pretty.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Melinda. There are many who would not be so gracious about being scraplifted, but you are such a class act. And as with many pieces of art that have been copied over time, the original is by far the most beautiful!

  3. very well written Melinda, and I to think than beeing scraplifted is a huge honor. But I also think its wrong to take full credit for the idea if its not yours,then I think you can credit the person you lifted for great inspirasjon.
    But then again there are so mutch inspirason out there that there is impossible to not scraplift a little deatail from here and there.
    I have by the way scrapliftet you before Melinda ! Love your work and you are a huge inspirasjon for me. But I didnt take "credit" for your idea, I also linked to your original on my post.
    here is a link if you want to see

    Hope this is understandable, and not to many writing mistakes as english isnt my strongest side. And hopefully not misunderstood in anyway.

    Love your work and blog Melinda, big hug from norway. Lisa

  4. Good for you Melinda, I love seeing my work mirrored! A friend once told me that basically nothing is original, we all draw inspiration from somewhere. Credit is nice....but I don't need it to continue love my designs. I don't believe my art work is any less valuble if someone uses it for inspiration. I too find it flattering. If I did not want poeple to "lift" it. I would not be putting it on the internet and in Magazines.

    I love your layout!! Simply stunning, I think that I said it before and one day I plan on lifting it with stars......{hugs to you for being awesome}

  5. Melinda, you continually amaze me with your beautiful layouts and photos. While it is no surprise to me that someone would love to scraplift your layouts (they are gorgeous), I find it appalling that someone would take credit for your idea. Even though this must have been very difficult for you, I am impressed by your ability to turn this situation into a positive learning experience for everyone. Your character and class in this situation just makes me love you and your blog even more!! Thank you for sharing so much beautiful inspiration!! :)

  6. Your work always amazes and inspires me. Sorry about the giant scraplifted ad, I do hope they give you credit somehow. But your attitude is so great, even after the accusations. Now I'm a bigger fan.

  7. Wow Melinda this is one fantastic creation and just adore all those flowers, you are so inspirational.
    Hugs Linda

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  9. I just love this LO and another scrapper I know used it for inspiration. (She punched her flowers out with a border punch instead of one by one but it has a similar effect AND she never claimed it as her own original design!) Anyone in the scrapping/blogging world knows your work, since it is so unique and artistic, and easily pick it out. Unfortunately, the rest of the world may not be so savvy. In reality there isn't much you can do about them without driving yourself crazy. Those of us who admire and love your work applaud your talent and style! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Sorry I had to delete this before...some bad grammar! Sorry! :)

  10. Oh Melinda where to begin!!!! You are one hell of a gracious lady to take it all like you have ... Gosh we all buy magazines and look on others blogs for that little bit of inspiration and yes we all take a little from this and a little from that to use as our own, but to blatantly copy so severly without credit is just plain wrong. You, my friend are one of a kind and thats why I adore you so much xxxxx
    Credit where credit is due :-)

  11. I agree, you handled this very well... I don't think I've ever been lifted, and it would be flattering, but for someone to be published with your design is wrong. And I have to say, I love yours a million times more!

  12. Always you astound me Melinda! With your creations & your words.
    You are so generous of nature & to look on the positive side of being 'accused' is one that gives us all hope that we can rise above the negatives in life.
    Keep on drawing on your showerdoor I say!!
    Love Debi xxx

  13. I totally agree! Isn't that why we all blog - to share ideas? The way you wrote this post is so positive too! xx

  14. i totally fell in love with your layout, and you will soon see...i lifted your layout and turned it into a card:)
    this is a beautiful post you did about this! thanks for sharing your and your shower' door talents!

  15. I love your layout right away and have used the idea of punch out flowers in one of my card but only manage to cover half of the card, haha..
    Thanks for the ideas.

  16. so beautifully said Melinda, hey if I ahd that punch I would be scrapplifting you for sure

  17. You are always one of the most gracious nad delightful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. And I agree it is flattering to be copied - but it is even more flattering to be acknowldeged .... I believe that acknowleging a scrap lift is very ethical and appropriate

    I am amazed by your talent and your work - thank you for sharing - you will always be tops in my book

    Keep doing your beautiful work - because it is so you!

    Tattered Inspirations

  18. Melinda, I LOVE how you turn this rather unpleasant situation in such a positive one.

  19. Wonderful! I agree with you about "scraplifting", but I do think we should give credit to the original designer whenever possible. Your layout is just fantastic, and i doubt too many people will have the patience to copy it!

  20. I too agree with you on the scraplifting issue-I post 80% of my work on my blog and if someone wants to lift it (for personal or for publication), I'm all for it; they don't even need my permission cause I never get the bighead about any of my creations; I scrap for the therapy and fun of it and that's also means I inspired them in some shape of form...If I scraplift someone I always try to give credit. But this is the thing, if you are an experienced scrapper, you would know from just looking that this particular Lo YOU didn't scraplift anyone and if you ever do, why should anybody care? Shame on those who send nastygrams to folks about their work! And while I like the LOs you showed in the display, I LOVE yours and could never even attempt to duplicate cause I'm too lazy! Do your thang girl!

  21. Those that really knew you Melinda would not even go there! Keep holding your head up, you are an example many, many people look up to and admire for the goodness you give us all.


  22. Melinda, I too dealt with a very very similar situation recently. With Bo Bunny. One of their in house gals jacked MY layout and it is now all over the internet...published...and more. I was horrified. I was sick to my stomach that someone would take the credit for another person's hard work. It was a blatant copy of my work... So much that I got an apology email from a person VERY high in the company. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do...except what you did. I gracefully told them that it was flattering that she was inclined to lift me. I do know every emotion you have endured. Your work is astoundingly beautiful, and it speaks volumes for itself.

  23. You have an amazingly beautiful heart. I too love your work and there is a few of your layouts that I still want to "lift"...but it will never look like the original.