Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Motherhood is a something I never imagined for myself as a young adult, too busy travelling the world and enjoying 'me' time. My darling mum always said "do the things in life you want for yourself before you have children, because once you become a Mum you never put yourself before anyone again". I took heed on those words and did so much with my life before I had children and I appreciate the words of wisdom from one of the most generous, loving women I've ever known... my own Mum!

I've finally created something just for me... I made a frame to put in my room with a photo of my little man just minutes old having his first cuddle with his mum. And this morning for Mother's day I had another cuddle (at 6am) from that same little boy who is now 5 and it still makes my heart melt. Then he starts fighting with his sister and that feeling slips away for another day... LOL!

I was lucky to be part of a product swap with Pebbles and it's parent company American Crafts, although it was more like a product 'merge' as the two companies work so well together. I took my time on this one, lots of fussy cutting, rolled and punched flower, rub-ons, pearl flourishes etc... it was a joy to make.

Both Pebbles and American Crafts had an entire week dedicated to the design team product swap so pop on over to their blogs to spy all the wonderful creations by the rest of the teams.

Now, my children are already asking what I would like to recieve for Mother's Day next year, so first and foremost on my list will be a 'sleep-in'.

From farm to you...


  1. That is stunning! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Just amazing Melinda...so touching & really superb work!!

  3. Happy Mother''s Day!! What an amazing and priceless frame you created!!

  4. OMG, just when I thought you can't possibly outdo yourself, you do it again. I still think about your M & M candy card, it was genius. How do you know how to put all those pieces together in this project? Stunning frame!

  5. Your frame is beautiful! I love the way you layered the flowers and fences to create the depth in the flower garden and the colours are so soft and gentle without being baby-ish.
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day and thank you for sharing another great project! I get so much inspiration from you! :)

  6. oh this is just stunning your layering and hand made flowers are just superb!!!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful Melinda. You truly are amazing with your projects and glad you got to do something for "you". Big hugs darlin and loads of love Clare xxx

  8. wow, that is absolutely amazing, you just inspired me to make something like that for my friend for graduation,, thanks for the inspiration, totally gorgeous,,,
    *Cheers* Claudia

  9. I left you a blog award. Pop over and check it out.


  10. Wow! Your frame is simply stunning Melinda! Lol! I hope you get that 'sleep in' next year! ;)


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