30 minutes of madness...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My design team co-ordinator Lynn over at Pebbles really knows how to push us gals to the limit and she has this particular challenge that freaks me every time. Whip-it-Up Wednesday, where she asks us to create a project in under 30 minutes. Yes, I can already hear my scrappy friends laughing to themselves and wondering how I can manage to do anything crafty in under 30 minutes. You see, I've been the butt of many a joke about time issues when I took two days to make one card at a retreat and because I was surrounded by a table of wonderful and dear friends, they've never let me live it down.

So, this challenge was a way of redeeming some self esteem and proving to certain people (love you dearly) that I can actually produce a card in under 30 minutes. And to really give myself some extra credit I decided to make a three-card set just to prove I'm not a total flake. :)

I used the beautiful Pebbles 'Ever After' collection and saved lot of time by attaching the jewel flourish stickers so most of the work was already done, I just had to pick where to stick my bling.  I also added little pops of rhinestones to the corners of the diamond embossing pattern I used and boy was that laugh trying to emboss  at a million miles an hour and then stick on those tiny little diamentes.

So there you have it... three cards in 30 minutes and the biggest scrappy mess you've ever seen. I actually took a whole lot longer to tidy my desk than I did to make the cards. The farmer ran for the hills too, because he had no idea why there was product flying from one end of the place to the other. LOL! It was good for the soul.

Don't forget to pop over to the Pebbles blog to see another gorgeous project from Eva that incredibly she did within the 30 minute time frame too - a beautiful layout celebrating turning 30 (oh to be that young again).

From farm to you..


  1. WOW! Way to go! I totally love all three cards! They are all so special. The bling makes them so fun and eye catching.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. All these cards are wonderful Melinda...& great you did them in the time allotted...give those other gals a shake up!! Hehehe

  3. The cards are simply gorgeous, you did a great job! (And yes I was LOL at your description about your 'reputation'!) X

  4. these are just delightful Melinda!

  5. Wow! Super stunning cards Melinda! So gorgeous and feminine and that in 30 minutes! Lol! Your story cracked me up... I can totally identify as I can be a terribly slow scrapper myself. :)

  6. Gorgeous!!! Love this design. :)

  7. Such gorgeous cards! Like jelwery!
    Aline Fonseca


  8. Super cute. I love the rhinestone shapes.