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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with loved ones and reflect on what's important in our lives. It's also a holiday in which many a tradition is upheld, whether it be the turkey, the sweet potato, the football or even the board games played after the meal.
Now we don't celebrate the actual Thanksgiving holiday here in Australia, however we do have events throughout the year that lead to our own traditions...

The Australian rules football Grand final is one such tradition... it means, BBQ, beer, a large TV and backyard footy during half time. And it is one event that both adults and kids can play together, there are no rules, there is no prize, it's just rough, tumble, push, shove, and steal that ball off whoever you can then kick it straight at mum's washing line... which by the way is usually full.

My Doodlebug assignment was to scrap about tradition and so I dragged out the last grand final backyard footy photos as I knew it was the most recent tradition that I had caught on film. And for once I actually used multiple photos which doesn't happen often. However, I love how it told a story just with the pics so may need to revisit this a little more often.

I also had a bit of fun using Pan Pastels and a spotty template to keep with the circle theme of the layout. And I'm so glad that brads are finally making a comeback as I have always loved them and really enjoyed scattering them all over the layout. Doodlebug have such a vast array of brads in all different shapes and sizes that co-ordinate with every colour.

If you would like to see some more traditions that have been captured by the Doodlebug design team then head over to the Doodlebug blog HERE.

From farm to you...


  1. Such a fun and beautiful the repetition of circles...and your pan pastel spots are awesome.

  2. Oh so gorgeous. The colour, the circles, the stitching - I love it all!

  3. I love that you've use multi photos...looks great & the sun is amazing & I agree re brads...just did exactly what you've done yesterday on a LO! Really, really lovely job:):)

  4. OH my Melinda you always HIT THE MARK on every project!

  5. what an awesome layout..such a sweet blend and so perfectly matched.. Great it

  6. SO pretty! I love the hand stitching and the stamping and those fun circles!

  7. I love your page Melinda..ahhhh you take me back to my home country Aussieland with your talk of footy! thanks for the inspiration!

  8. l LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout! I almost scrap-lifted it for a card and will DEFINITELY be doing it in the future (don't worry, of COURSE I will give you credit). Also the critter card series for Jillibean = brilliant. Wish me luck! I went out for the Doodlebug team! :)


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