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Saturday, August 24, 2013

I sat at my desk the other night and asked myself 'where has the year gone' as I worked with the new Doodlebug Halloween Parade collection? I can't believe we are already heading towards the last quarter of the year although I won't be sorry to wave Winter goodbye. Ack I hate being cold!

Now as my fellow Aussies would be aware, we don't really 'do' Halloween Down Under but I still wanted to play with this super cute collection. And seeing as I was very fortunate to recieve this gorgeous 8x8 Shadow Box in my last Doodlebug DT box I decided  I would make a little monster frame for my littlest monster.

DESIGNED FOR | Doodlebug Design Inc
PROJECT | Little Monster Shadow Box

TECHNIQUE | Creating the circle
To create the circle I simply used a scoring tool and traced around a smaller bread and butter plate so that the scorer left a slight imprint in the cardstock. You could use a pencil but it might be difficult to erase the line afterwards.

The next step was the fun part... adding all the elements. I simply stuck everything down starting from the top and working my way down with the larger pieces and then filling all the smaller spaces with the new sprinkles, doodads, star jewels, sequins and mini pearls.

NEW PRODUCTS | Doodads, Sprinkles and Star Jewels
PROJECT | 'Onsie' Layout
My sweet fourteen year old has just had her birthday and on top of her wish list was a 'onsie' as they are all the rage. The farmer and I pretended for ages that we didn't like them and thought she would be better off without one. You should have seen her face when she finally got to wear her beloved 'dragon' onsie.

I created little triangles to form the background for the layout using all the gorgeous patterned papers and avoiding anything with Halloween themed objects.

Sadly I used up the last of the new Halloween Sprinkles but I couldn't resist as they are so darn addictive and they gave the layout that extra hint of fun.

GIVEAWAY |  Halloween Parade Goodie Packs
Would you love to have your very own Halloween Parade collection? Well head over to the Doodlebug blog HERE  to find out all the details. Good luck!!!
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  1. Very nice Halloween projects! I love this theme a lot, sorry this holiday is never celebrated in Russia..

  2. These are seriously amazing! You are always so inspiring to me!!!

  3. These both look amazing....I love how you've used these halloween products without your projects being halloween themed. Loving the triangles on the onesie layout.....and the perfect circle of little monsters on the shadow box. Brilliant work :)

    Thanks also for visiting my blog and your lovely comments.

  4. That layout is amazing! Well done!

  5. Wow....love both of these amazing projects. The framing project is so fun and the layout just makes me smile!!!

  6. absolutely adorable!! I love the stars!

  7. LOL...yeah, I sooooo don't get the 'onsie' thing...but I guess we all had a 'fad' or two in our teen years!!!! She would be sooo happy to get one, too......those triangles...YUM!! And yummiest is that monster circle ....what a great idea, just doing the scoring. Simple idea, but I would NEVER have thought of that...thanks for sharing, as always:):):)

  8. HI.. I dont 'do' Halloween either, but I like the concept of the frame and all the colors and fun little things you have used.. love the layout with the theme of triangles and again great colors...

  9. That is the cutest halloween frame. I love love love it. We do halloween. Any excuse to have fun family moments :-)

  10. Wow Melinda, both projects, totally awesome. Love the frame - what an impact all those goodies have all together and the LO is such fun with the multi coloured triangles.

  11. We don't do Halloween in South Africa either. Love your frame and your girl looks gorgeous in her Onsie...I never knew that you could get them in character theme.

  12. Oh wow these projects are awesome!!!! I love the frame so much and your layout is also so striking! I don't do halloween at all and these projects are a great example on how to use these fun lines! :D

  13. Beautiful home decor !
    And your page is amazing, so inspiring !

  14. I love that Halloween frame -- just perfect! :)

  15. I just wanted to let you know that we loved your layout and we gave it a shout out on the Paper Crafter's Library Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/papercrafterslibrary