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Friday, November 7, 2014

Snail mail is slowly becoming a thing of the past as modern technology truly takes a hold on almost everything we do. However, I still believe the art of giving a card, whether handmade or store bought, is a gesture that shouldn't disappear. A card is tangible... you can hold it, you can read it, you can admire it on a daily basis and you can feel special knowing that someone went to the effort just for you.

My design team theme for Chickaniddy during the month of October was... 'thankful' which is the reason why I made a 'thank you' card. I would also like to point out that the little cup and saucer in the background of my photo is part of a beautiful set that belonged to my Nanna before she died and now it is entrusted to my care. For that I am truly grateful because it is something tangible that I can use, I can admire and I can remember her.

I'm loving this gorgeous collection aptly named 'Scrumptious' from Chickaniddy Crafts as it has such subtle tones and lots of flowers that I can actually fussy-cut. It seems that flowers have gone missing in the scrapbooking industry for a while and personally I'm all for a floral comeback.

SUPPLY LIST | Scrumptious
- Fall Bouquet (SC14OS01)
- Autumn Haze (SC14OS06)
- Corn On The Cob (SC14OS12)
- Sentiments Mini Stickers (SC14EB07),
- Mini Brads (SC14EB08)

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  1. Melinda your card is special but your cup and saucer is even more special, what a beautiful reminder of your nanna.

  2. Beautiful....I've got a similar cup and saucer [not the set] from my's true! It's lovely to get cards - they are a special way of your circles go for it! I ALWAYS struggle to use 'em!!!

  3. Magnificent card...always so neat & beautiful...I just love your layered circles, & of course you are the fussy cut queen!
    I know that cards are so appreciated, it is a wonderful thing to open the letterbox & there be a card from a friend. xx

  4. this is incredibly beautiful Melinda!

  5. What a beautiful card. Love all the layers! :)

  6. You have no idea how the term snail mail has gotten a new meaning in South Africa. Our postal service have been striking since August...and some of my US purchases has gone missing in the process. On to positive things...your card is beautiful. The affect of the circles are lovely.