It's a Jolly Good Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

So this is Christmas...
I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that it is December, harvest is in full swing and I've been in bed with a pinched nerve in my neck. Oh the joys! Atleast my son is prepared as he has diligently been researching every toy catalogue that has passed through our mail box for ideas on what to put in his Santa letter. I love that he really studies exactly what he wants rather than putting down anything and everything.

CHRISTMAS IN PINK | Every year I like to choose a colour scheme for our Christmas and this year it just happens to be pink! I've never been one to shy away from using pink on a boy's layout as long as there is some blue added into the mix. Heidi Sonboul (Chickaniddy Crafts) obviously doesn't see it as a problem either as her Jolly Good collection is a mix of pinks, blues, lime and a hint of red, orange and yellow.

PRODUCT LOVE | I cannot get enough of these gorgeous epoxy stars as they add such a subtle and soft Christmas feel to the layout.

WAITING FOR THE TREE | Every year we order a 'real' tree through a local charity club and the arrival dates are a bit hit and miss so we're still patiently waiting. In the meantime I've had the chance to get a few new decorations made in pink!

TECHNIQUES | I had a little fun using some of my favourite techniques... punching and fussy cutting. It's nice to give those punches a dust off every now and again!

Chickaniddy - Jolly Collection

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  1. This LO is so clever and creative!!! Hope you feel better!!!

  2. What a beautiful layout! Your ornaments are amazing too! :)

  3. Love your layout, it has the look of a tree!! and wonderful decorations, that is a LOT of punching, but what a great effect! Happy December!

  4. Oh my GOSH!!! Dunno how you have the patience for little ornament making like these - they look delish:) And your LO is fabulous...what a lovely thing to document.....the pink looks perfect, too:):) Hope that pinched nerve is slowly going away. For good this time!!!

  5. That layout is fantastic! Love how you created the tree and the ornaments loo, perfect!!!

  6. Awesome layout! The ornaments are, too!

  7. Those ornaments are so detailed and gorgeous! You should sell them! And I love how you created a Christmas tree out of so many different elements behind the photo on your scrapbook layout.

  8. That is one awesome layout and those ornaments are to die for!

  9. Gorgeous LO! And the mix of green and blue and the grey background keep it from being too feminine. I like the embellies all arranged into the tree shape. So simple but so effective. The picture of your son studying the catalogue is priceless! (I can remember doing that as a kid)
    Your ornaments are absolutely stunning. I hope they didn't contribute to the pinched nerve.
    Take care and hope you are feeling better soon! Gentle {hug}

  10. the layered tree. Hope you are better soon xx

  11. Your pages are always so eye catching and this one again does just that! Love the beautiful ornaments too!


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