'I catched a ant'

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hands up those of you who've purchased an entire themed collection just for one layout? We all get a little carried away when it comes to buying pretty papers and embellishments because they are just so darn irresistible, yes? Well today I'm going to share a layout I created using the Doodlebug Design Patriotic Picnic collection and as you can see... it doesn't have a thing to do with July 4.

My littlest man is just learning about critters and often comes inside with a snail or two so when he proudly 'catched a ant' I wanted to capture the moment for him. And, how delighted was I to see the adorable 'family picnic' patterned paper with ants all over the flip side.

TIP: Most themed collections come with a neutral or alternate pattern on the reverse side which gives you an opportunity to create outside of the theme.

Patriotic Picnic colours are very much attuned to the red, white and blue however there were hints of yellow, orange and green mixed in so I decided to add a small splash of yellow as an alternative pop of colour.

And as for the wee little ants... I just had to use them on my layout seeing as they were the main focus to the entire story and because they were just too darn adorable!

I hope I've given you ideas on how to work with ALL your papers, regardless of the theme. It sure does make your products stretch further and you can have lots of fun along the way.

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  1. OMG! Cuteness overload! The photo's and the ant paper are just so adorable!

  2. adorable! hope all is well with you after all of your trying times!

  3. I reckon I would have bought those papers too just for that photo! This layout is soooo cute! Love all the ants and the photos are so sweet!

  4. My fave thing with my wee GrandBoy [who is just 3] is listening to how he uses language. It's sooo darned cute.....atm he WUVs EVERYTHING....I WUV cupcakes. I WUV Mummy etc etc.....so that's the thing that really caught my attention with that bold title. The language. The ant paper played right into your hands too:) Cutest, of cute pages :):)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. You always manage to capture the magical in your pages.