Framed name art for Edward

Friday, February 24, 2017

Seriously, Anchors Aweigh has to be the cutest little boy's collection ever and the reason why I had such a hard time convincing my four year old that he was to 'STAY AWAY from the stickers'! Usually I'd let him choose a sticker off my icon sheet and hope like mad he didn't take my favourite. However, this time he did get to choose where to place some of the icons seeing as this frame is for HIS bedroom wall.

As with all my collage circles I lay down the largest pieces first, however this time I had to take into account my son's name. Then it was a matter of filling in the gaps!

My new motto: If you can't decide which stickers to use... use them all!

I love adding Doodle Pops as they are exactly the same size as the larger stickers on the Icon Sheet yet they are mounted with a duplicate using foam pop dots which adds wonderful dimension to the project.

The complete Anchors Aweigh collection can be viewed HERE.

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  2. I had to remove my comment because I realised it didn't make sense. I wanted to say wow, how much I love the name artwork. Stunning. I actually came to gush about how much I love your layout in Jot magazine, with the hearts and your kitty.

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