Monday, April 17, 2017

Doodlebug's Flea Market... can it get any cuter? At the mere mention of the name you envisage all sorts of eclectic goodies combined with a dreamy fall color palette and the all important whimsical creatures.  I honestly couldn't wait to get started with my project as I'd already had a photo in mind and I'd even pre-drawn a rough layout... you could say, I was all set to go!

My littlest muchkin was enjoying the last of the warm Autumn weather and decided he'd spend the afternoon with his fur-companion Miss Lizzy. I'm sure the dog wore more sand than was absolutely necessary but she didn't seem to mind. I printed out the photo in a circular shape as I wanted to incorporate it into my round collage instead of plonking a square photo on top.

I used a dinner plate to draw my outer circle for the collage and then adhered the photo in position using foam pop dots so as I wanted it to be slightly raised so I could slide a few bits and pieces underneath the edges. Then it was decorating time!!!

And can you spy the beautiful new 'Petite Print' pattern... this particular side of the double sided patterned paper is called 'Linen' with the reverse side being 'gingham'. I think it is my new favourite of the Petite Range.

As a last little feature I wanted to add one of the tiny little mice and hide him in some washi grass. Awww, he is too cute!

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