Ahhhh the serenity!

Monday, October 5, 2009

School holidays are over and although I adore having the house busy and noisy and full of laughter and happiness, it does get tiring. Today was a quiet, peaceful, sunny day and with daylight savings starting over the weekend, there was a little extra time at the end of the day to play in the garden.
I even managed to make a little card (not my forte but really trying hard) for a challenge that Sandie has on her blog at the moment. She makes the most superb cards so browsing her blog is always inspirational.
The day didn't finish as well as it began, we had a trip to hospital with Ben (3) who fell over and hit his head on a nasty piece of concrete hiding in the long grass. No stitches but buckets of blood and a nasty deep cut, enough to totally freak out his older sister who screamed the farm down to alert us that something drastic had happened. Why do heads bleed so darn much? Anyhow, all is well again, he is sound asleep on the couch with his father and I might even get some time to be creative again.

From farm to you...
Melinda x


  1. Oh I hope Ben is back on the mend again real soon....poor little mite..Love the card.
    luv marg x

  2. G'day Melinda, poor little man - hope he is on the mend today.

    Luv, luv, luv your card - thank you SO much for joining in my challenge.

    Luv Sandie