Busy Beaver...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well, I have been busy lately with various little projects amongst a house full of kids over the school holidays. My gorgeous niece and nephew come to the farm every school holidays for one of the two weeks and they have a fabulous time, my two tiddlywinks love the extra company, and although I love having them here, it does bring those little extras like more cooking, cleaning, washing etc. However, there is nothing better than the sound of children's laughter whilst they are outside in the sunshine trying desperately to catch yabbies in the creek (not to mention the great photo opps).

I have had a fun time with the Kaisercraft 30 days of competitions. I entered a few of the challenges and was very happy to have been chosen a winner on day 14 and day 29. So stoked to receive two lovely packs of the off-shore and childs play Q1 ranges.





 I) The card I made using the Kaiser Flower (Spring) pic for Day 1
II) Photo Frame using the 2nd Kaiser Ice-cream Pic (Summer)
III) My winning entry for Day 14 Kaiser Leaf pic (Autumn)
IV) My second win (very happy) Day 29 Kaiser Gumboot Pic (Winter)

Here are a few more layouts that I have been busy with for various little project.



 I)  This layout was done for a numbers challenge, where you had to use a certain number of products. I used one of my 'fav' paper ranges from 3 Bugs in a Rug.
II) This layout was done for a word challenge, the word being 'reflections', we also had to include: paper tearing and distressing and use something clear.

 III) Hand sewn layout, darn time consuming and fiddly but I really am quite happy with the final result.

From Farm to you...
Melinda x


  1. Beautiful layouts Melinda...You have been a busy beaver......Cant wait to see you real soon...:smile:

  2. Loving your work Beaver, layouts are just beautiful.

    Cong Rats on your DT Sketch gig, and your Kaiser prizes too!!!

  3. Totally love your work Melinda....you certainly are one very gifted and talented scrapper!! Mwah Karen xox

  4. Melinda, how cute are those?! I love it! Your layouts are wonderful!
    For playing at Cafe Mojo, just send the link of your project in the comment.


  5. earlygirl1@hotmail.co.uk

    Hey Beaver girl. Your work is totally amazing, i just love your style. I just cannot believe you only started scrapping in Feb this year!!!

    Oh by the way what is the beaver connection???

    Lots of love Clare (LSBS Cats) xxx