Feeling Special!

Monday, December 21, 2009

When I decided to dabble into the world of scrapbooking (coming up to my first anniversary) I never imagined that a 'hobby' would lead me to making some rather special friends all over the globe. I am truly touched to have received a 'blog award' from the very talented Ingeborg. Thank you for the award and your inspiration!

Now, on receiving this award I must mention five things that I love, which are:
  1. My husband, my rock!
  2. The loves of my life... my two beautiful children
  3. My mother, she has always believed in me!
  4. My Besties... you know who you are!
  5. Craft of any variety!
I am going to pass this award on to some very worthy recipients:
  1. Watty - My 'wingman'...you are fabulous!
  2. Marg - You are my inspiration and a very dear friend!
  3. Miss Helen - The card queen, you are truly talented and you make me laugh!
  4. Miss Clare - Your clever, creative, honest and a breath of fresh air!
  5. Nic - My way of saying thanks and because no one works harder than you!


  1. "Watty" is extremely proud of you..... and very touched that you have topped your list with me..... blushing...

    Your other nominated recipients are such worthy little achievers I could have written that for you!!!!

    Well deserved Melinda, your work is truly beautiful, creative and warms the heart! You GO GIRLFREIND!!!

  2. Hello my beautiful & clever Beaveriest friend!!!

    Congratulations on a very well earned award little Melinda, it is so deserved. You are so inspirational & creative, your work is just beautiful & you have a very big, kind heart. You have achieved so much this year honey, look out 2010 & beyond!!!

    What a complete honour to have you nominate me amongst those big names!!! wow, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!

    Keep on shining, love Clare xxx

  3. Hi Miss Beaver,

    Well a long time between comments...the Christmas rush has been mad...that 'silly' season again...but now basking in the Brissie heat early in the morning with a borrowed lappie & going to catch up.

    What magnificent work you have been doing...you are such a clever chickie!

    And isn't your friend tops to give you a blog award!! How great.

    I wish you & your lovely family lots of Christmassy wishes...& see you here again.

    Love Deb xxx