Get magnetized Reveal and Giveaway...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Imaginisce have just revealed their new i-top "Magnet Daddies"... so now you can create your own custom covered magnets. Cover them with fabric, photos, scrapbook paper and more, stick them on the fridge, notice boards, on tins etc etc...... there are so many options. I had great fun playing with mine and using the Imaginisce 'Let's Roll' range and the medium size magnet daddies I created a cute little travel game for the kids to keep them amused on those long trips that drive the best of us crazy.

I would love to hear what you would create with the Imaginisce 'Magnet Daddies'. Leave a post with your imaginitive creation idea and I will use a random generator to choose a winner on 15th January (Open to anyone Worldwide) who will receive some of the new magnet daddies and a surprise pack of other wonderful Imaginisce products...

Good Luck!

From Farm to you...


  1. Your little tin is just gorgeous Melinda.....and those 'magnet daddies' look awesome....Will have to keep my eye out for some.......
    luv marg x

  2. Josh has been wanting a magnet noughts and crosses for when we travel, this would be perfect for it!!! Come on number 2!

  3. I would create some magnets to keep my wish list on my fridge, so my husband can see and buy something for me....LOL

  4. What a great idea! Love those games! I have gotten into making magnetic boards lately. I'd make matching magnets for them!

  5. Wow Melinda, your little set looks so professional. I would have said it was a store bought product. Well done!!!!!

    I would make some magnets for my girlies - girly stuff on them like flowers etc.

    And I am just thinking now that our Emily loves Sudoku's - I'm sure I could come up with a magetic one for the car.

    Nice popping in to your place - plenty to see.

    Luv Sandie

  6. Wow intoeresting concept & one I think we will see more of. Love your work as usual...legend in your own time.
    Love Deb xx

  7. My best 'imaginitive idea' for me would be to make a yearly calendar, one month per page that has a metal backing.....then make some magnet daddies, topped with words like 'birthday', 'dentist', 'school starts', 'excursion', etc & then pop them in the relevant date...

    Thanks, Deb xx

  8. What a clever idea and I love the paper used - goes brilliantly

  9. This is very your game you made the kids

    Well im at an alltime blank as to what to make with it but im sure some nice "hair" embellishments would be noice!

  10. Great work once again, Melinda! And such cute little magnets ... I could think of making a chore chart for the children with those ... mmm ... my brain is ticking overtime :-) ...x

  11. when i first saw that magnet project, my jaw dropped.... i totally fell in LOVE with it!!! :)

    you can leave my name out of the giveaway! ;)

    from one imaginisce gal to another!

  12. Now, if you'd been around ten years ago I could have used that idea instead of the boys playing throw the 'everything' in the back of the wagon then yell like hell while Mum's driving!!! Now, however, I am seeing chore charts, rosters and monthly calendars with the one page and shuffling daddy dates.....
    Well done!!

  13. I would create a class set of magnets with a small photo of each child on it that I could use on my whiteboard at school. That way I could just place their magnet next to the job, reading group, happy face etc .... to save me having to write names and rub them off all the time. Then they would keep the magnet as a souvenir at the end of year!

  14. I love your magnet project Melinda, it's so cute! I've left a blog award for you over at my blog, can't wait to see what you create next :)

  15. I needed a few days to think of what I would do BUT I think now I have come up with the perfect solution.......I made a 'growth chart' when my 2 little boys were born that hangs in my family room and have only just started to use it to measure them.....I would place a strip of magnet down the side (on the back ) and make a button for each of them to use as a measuring marker...Would be so easy to move each time and can add more buttons when I get more kiddies!!!!
    luv marg xx

  16. Wow, those are great!
    I wanted to make a To do board for at home.
    With this magnets I can make a magnet for all the family members. So anyone can see what to do.