Where have I been?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well it seems like forever since I've been on my neglected blog... !
My life has been a little 'topsy turvey' since I last posted and I won't go into all the details, however I will give a brief overview to explain my absence.
Firstly, after a decade of drought the heavens finally opened and we had an incredible amount of rain in just one weekend causing floods across a good portion of our State. Although our home was spared with only a couple of metres between the water and our verandah we had allot of our farm covered in feet of water that caused considerable damage to our crops. We were cut off from town and spent a couple of days feeling rather isolated.
This was the view from our back verandah. Fortunately things have almost returned to normal, although we have only just learned that our cellar had filled with a couple of inches of water and the farmer spent the weekend pumping the water, cleaning and drying!

A call to 000...
This past week has been one that I'm glad to have reached the end of! We had a big scare when late one night I started to have serious breathing problems to the point where I couldn't breath at all and the farmer had to call 000 where I was rushed off to hospital. I'm okay now and still have no idea what happened but do not want it to ever happen again. It was a rough couple of days and one that I will not forget in a hurry. For those of you who knew... thankyou sincerely for your thoughts and prayers.

The Give-Away...
Unfortunately the due date has come and gone and I have not announced a winner. I must apologise!
My daughter has cut up 85 little pieces of paper and numbered each one then given the task of drawing out a number to my four year old son!
And the lucky winning number is...

 kellmg said... OMGosh!! What a fantastic giveaway!! You are amazing!! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!! I was certain that I had joined the blog and left a message already... Boy am I glad I was reading here tonight!! Thanks for sharing!! I'll go post on my facebook now!! :)

 Congratulations Kelly... please could you send me an email with your details so I can post out your prize.

So that is my month in review... I'm happy to say that I will be back tomorrow with more to share and a couple of projects included.

From farm to you...


  1. Oh Melinda. I'm so sorry to hear about the floods and your health scare. I'm glad to hear you're okay now. (((hugs)))
    Thank you for your always lovely comments on my blog. They are very appreciated.

  2. Melinda: I almost wrote you an email yesterday asking if everything was ok in your neck of the woods. It sounds like things have been pretty rough. So sorry to hear it! I hope your health is ok--you've been under a lot of stress! I'll be thinking of you! :-) Sending positive thoughts your way! Congrats to kellmg!

  3. So happy to hear you are doing well. I have been worried!!
    I hope you are resting, and look forward to your amazing projects!
    Hugs my friend!!!(:

  4. Oh how scary for you! I hope you are on the mend and it doesn't happen again. :( It's nice to see you back in blog land.

  5. Glad all has settled down somewhat for you .... The weekend away would of been just what the dr ordered....Such fun hey!!!! :-) luv marg xx

  6. OMG Melinda! How scary! I'm glad your house didn't end up under water, and that you are ok after your health scare. Hopefully things will be better for you now :)

  7. Hopefully everything is on the up and there are only good things to come. Thanks for a fantastic weekend; I had the BEST time ever! I was very lucky to sit at a table full of wonderfully talented ladies who where so warm and friendly, I was in aw, Thank you!

  8. OMGosh Melinda!! I have checked your blog daily and in my heart I knew something was going on with you or your family. I haven't followed your blog long enough for you to "know" me so I wasn't sure what to say, but I thought of you often!! And look to my surprise to log on tonight, once again to hope to see a post from you checking in, and WoW I see that I am a winner!!! I can only tell you thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! And I am oh so very happy to know you are all well!! <3

  9. It is great to hear from you Melinda...wondered what had happened with the floods on your farm...but to hear that you were unwell too, is not good.
    Take care of your dear self wont you, so that doesn't happen again.
    Take a breath & relax lovey. xxxx

  10. Im so glad you started breathing again lovie OMG what would we do without you girl!!!!!!
    Glad all the water is starting to dissapear now
    Hope you get a few windy days to dry it all out
    Big hugs to you and cant wait to see you in real life again xxx

  11. Hope you are feeling better now Melinda....it must have been really scary! Totally know what you are saying with the floods.....although we weren't cut off from life....things are just starting to dry out. Fingers crossed your crops can recoup. Stay safe and look after yourself luvie!

  12. Wowsers Melinda, what a couple of weeks you and your farmer have had.So glad you are feeling much better and the waters have receded.Even though it would have been fantastic to have the rain, it always seems to come in metres, not just enough to keep the crops growing nicely.I truly hope that the crops aren't too bad.
    Good to hear that you are doing well after your scare, hopefully it doesn't come back again.Take care xx

  13. Hello darling girl. Im so sorry that life has been frantic on the farm, what with the flood and your health. So glad that the flooding is receeding and that you seem to have got over your episode. Maybe it could be stress related hun?. You just take good care of yourself. Love you loads and big hugs Clarey xxx

  14. Glad to hear that you and your family are okay after the floods and that you have recovered from your health scare. Take care, and thank you always for the inspiring creations you share.

  15. oh melinda, so sorry to hear about your health and hope your on the mend now. Hope your farm is ok too
    take care xx