What do Monster's eat?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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MnM's of course!

Yes, I've been at it again with the MnM cards as I'd had a couple of requests for more boy cards and what better way to get a little boy interested in a card... fill it with sweets!

How cute is the Monster Mania collection from Doodlebug? I just couldn't go past the little monsters and the gorgeous bright colours and patterns. 

This just happens to be my very first official assignment with Doodlebug and it was scheduled for Halloween week on the blog... hmmm, we don't 'do' Halloween here in Australia! 
However, Doodlebug had a different challenge for the International contingent of the design team... to create projects using Monster Mania that DID NOT carry a Halloween Theme.
Phew, that was a relief and such a fun idea!

So here's how I put the cards together:

I gathered all my Monster Mania supplies, a selection of A6 Swiss Dots cards and a packet of Mini MnM's.

I added a little glitter monster and speach bubble to the top card from the Monster Mania Sugar Coated Cardstock Stickers.

No one was more excited than I was when I realised that my little package bubbles were a perfect fit for the pre-punched circle in the Swiss Dots cards.

I termporarily positioned the package bubble in position and then added a 'Happy Birthday' sentiment using the  Doodles Cardstock Stickers in Lily White.

Using the Monster Mania Sugar Coated Fancy Frills stickers I filled the bottom of the cards with a cluster of the frills strips, added a touch of Doodle Twine and a few assorted brads.

Let the fun begin... time to sort out the colours and eat the rest!

Once the bubble container is almost filled cover it with a piece of cardstock that has been pre-cut to the exact size of the card and then gently tip it over without spilling the contents. I use sticky tape to keep the bubble in place on the cardstock.

Mr Wilson heard the rustle of all the MnM's and decided it sounded like his cat bits being tipped into his bowl. He then  proceeded to watch over me making sure I wasn't using any of his precious bits. Actually I never thought of that... perhaps my next bubble cards could be for pets and filled with treats... and perhaps not!

Adhere the bubble mounted on the pre-cut cardstock behind the hole and you are done! One yummy card that is waiting for someone to work out how to get the sweets out. Sometimes I pierce a few holes in the back of the white cardstock to allow little fingers to punch through to the candy and sometimes I leave it so they have to work out how to break in.  Depends on the age group!

The Doodlebug blog has been busy showcasing the Monster Mania collection all week with some wonderful Halloween and Non-Halloween projects so head over and take a peek at what the new design team have been up to.

From farm to you...


  1. So cute! I love it!

  2. What a perfect way to use that packaging! Those are just adorable!!!

  3. These are seriously fabulous...but laced with chocolate they are irresistable! :)

  4. ACK! I LOVE these Melinda!!!!

  5. These are awesome cards!! Love them all :)

  6. I was wondering when you were going to make more M&M candy cards!! These are so fun and so cute!!! I love the photo of Mr. Wilson in the middle of your scrappy project!! ;)

  7. I love them! Now when I do the shopping, I am going to be looking for packaging that I can reuse! Or I may just buy things I probably shouldn't, just for the packaging, LOL

  8. What awesome cards Melinda! I am definitely going to try these out. Thanks for the inspiration. Now to try and find those bubbles...

  9. Mr Wilson is a very gifted Papercrafting Assistant =) I have one of those too, his name is Tagger lol Love the M+M cards. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a great idea and your cards are super cute! Will be waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. :)

  11. Your cards are so cute! A lot of the doodlebug papers remind me of M&Ms (or Smarties here in Canada!) Great inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing! :)