A box that was a card!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's birthday time on the farm and we are gearing up for my daughter's party... the wood is piled up high for the bonfire, the larder is full of yummy's to eat and I've started the rainbow cake which is now in the freezer and waiting to be iced. Now even though my daughter is turning 13 she still asked if I could make some goody bags for her friends. So in keeping with the rainbow theme, I used a pack of Doodlebug Create-a-Cards as the colours were perfect.

Here's how I put the treat bags together:

Step 1.
Using a matching Create-A-Card and Envelope from the A2 Striped Card Assortment pack, gently open the envelope along the seams and cut out two side panels using the template below.

Step 2.
Score along the dotted lines to create the folds in your side panels.

Step 3:
Take the tri-fold create-a-card and score a line half an inch away from either side of the main pre-scored card fold. Then adhere your end pieces (pattern facing down) over those score lines as shown below. Then using double sided tape adhere all your joins together to form the box.

Step 4:
Add layers of border strips on the front of your card and trim off the excess.

Step 5:
Using a hole punch add a hole either side through all layers to thread your handle. I created my handles by plaiting three equal lengths of Doodle Twine in co-ordinating colours then threading through the holes and tying off with knots.

Step 6.
Create some fun tags for the front of each box and adhere in place using foam pop dots. I kept the colours uniform with each box and added a cute little Doodle-Pop creature, Mini Pearls and a Doodles cardstock 'for you' sticker for the sentiment.

Step 7:
Fill bag with goodies.

Well, hopefully these little treat bags last until the weekend as I've noticed a few of the chocolates have gone missing so might need to do a re-count before the party and perhaps a re-stock too!

Don't forget to pop over to the Doodlebug blog HERE to see how other team members have used the Create-A-Cards in unique ways!

From farm to you...


  1. What a great idea-they are so cute!

  2. So clever and really super duper cute!

  3. Wow! These are gorgeous...I'm sure they'll LOVE them - with or without lollies inside:):):)

  4. L.O.V.E these Melinda, so cute, so fun so happy and so very creative. Thanks for sharing how to make these, Happy Birthday to your sweet 13 year old!

  5. These are SOOO amazing!!! And now I am hungry. Bad Melinda, bad!

  6. Very cute and clever Melinda! Love it! :)

  7. Super idea!! Now to just keep them hidden until the party! Hope she has a grand teen birthday!

  8. OMGosh!! These are way tooooo cute!! LOL!! Love them..x

  9. You always come up with the most clever ideas! I just love these!!

  10. These are adorable. Thanks for the tutorial!