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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apologies for the complete neglect of my blog but I'm afraid my crafting had to take a back-seat due to an urgent need to drop everything and devote my time to my brother and his children.

So, I'm going to ignore the fact that my house is less than tidy, the washing is piled high and waiting to be folded, the book work needs some urgent attention although it's too late at night to be concentrating on accounts. I have a 15 minute window before I seriously need to head off to bed so I thought I'd sit down and post a project that I created a couple of weeks ago for Greatest View. However, the dishwasher is gently swooshing away in the background and I'm trying my best not to nod off to sleep. This could be interesting...

I have never really thought about just how many crafts my mother taught me as a child until I started scrapbooking. I can honestly say it's the first time in years that I've dabbled in crotchet, knitting, cross-stitch and now applique and I'm so glad that I can apply most of these techniques to my paper-crafting... much to my Mum's delight!

I created this layout using a combination of the gorgeous Now and Then collection from Teresa Collins, my favourite 'In Style' badges from Greatest View, and a new technique of adding applique to my layouts that has been a work in progress. Each leaf consists of fabric and foam cut to the desired shape and then hand stitched in place. Quite fiddly to get it all sitting nicely, however I'm really enjoying the process and I love the overall look and texture it adds to the page. Hopefully I'll be able to put together a tutorial soon.

Supply List:
Greatest View 'In Style' Badges,
Greatest View Sequins,
Greatest View Triple Pearl Pins - Avacado,
Greatest View Petite Doilies,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Wood Grain,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Floral,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Newsprint,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Bee,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Decorative Brads #1 and #2,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Chipboard,
Teresa Collins Now and Then Collection - Stickers,
Basic Grey for Moda - Hello Luscious Fabric,
Embroidery Thread.

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  1. this is beautiful!!! I should venture out and try new techniques too! maybe....one day...

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Melinda!! I LOVE how you did the leaves. As always, this one like the others has all of your magical touches. :) I hope your brother is ok.

  3. What a gorgeous layout and technique! I'm pinning this!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I am looking forward to the tutorial! I am working on adding embroidery embellishments to my projects, but it will now have to wait until I unpack from the move (late June at best) to do. HUGS!

  5. This amazing effect!
    Loved it and want to learn ... lol

  6. What a beautiful layout! I especially love the applique technique you shared!!! I have done just about everything too when it comes to crafting thanks to my mom and grandmother!!! You have inspired me to add a little more of "them" to my layouts!!!

  7. Beautiful work with the leaves! I hope everything is OK with family. I would love to visit, my brother is working in Australia for another year! I just wish the flights were a little nicer...

  8. Your work is beautiful...love the applique and the stitching. Such a gorgeous photo set in such a beautiful layout.

  9. Oh my God! How did you do this great leaves? It looks soooooooo pretty! I'm impressed...