Project Life... to be or not to be?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Life... so who's had the great debate with themselves over whether or not they wanted to jump on board with Project Life? Well that would be me!!! At first I was like... no way, it's just not for me, I enjoy my layouts far too much. However it just seemed to go from strength to strength and was popping up everywhere on the internet so made it impossible not to be slightly intrigued by this growing phenomenon. I couldn't ignore it any longer so I set about researching everything there is to know about Project Life 'PL'.

After much deliberation I realised there was quite possibly a place in my scrapping for PL and that it really did present a new path of creativity. The main attraction was the ability to keep up-to-date with memory keeping and use all my photos 'warts and all' rather than just my favourites on a single layout.

However, I have chosen not to go out and purchase Project Life specific kits or products 'just yet' as I really wanted to make sure this new concept was going to be 'do-able' on a long term basis. And I do admit that I'm very fortunate to already have quite a pile of Design Team products that can easily be converted to the PL way of life.

I think the title for this album should be 'better late than never' or perhaps even 'warts and all'!

Now you will have noticed immediately that my pockets aren't the standard size of Project Life and that's because I have chosen to use what I had on hand being the Doodlebug page protectors that come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes. And to be honest, I really like the ability to have larger photos.

And just look at that little flair badge from the Greatest View... it matches beautifully with the Doodlebug Take Note collection, so much so that it almost disappears into the pattern.

My inside page is an eclectic mix of the new Doodlebug collections using Take Note, Flower Box and Fruit Stand and I broke into my new 4 x 6 Simply Put Album inserts. These little pads are created with the intention of being able to slip straight into the 4 x 6 pockets and have both horizontal and vertical configurations of each page.

I have added a secret little journal card hidden inside the Take Note mini pocket .

Now I decided I wanted to include some of my facebook posts as I share lots of my photos on-line with family and friends yet my husband or children never get to see the beautiful comments about their photos. I simply took a screen shot of the original post on facebook, sized it to fit then printed it onto photo paper.

I must admit that although I carried a small amount of trepidation with this concept of scrapping, I have thoroughly enjoyed the new process of being able to document the everyday moments of our lives which might not have found their way onto a 12 x 12 layout. However, the utter chaos on my desk is another matter!

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  1. wow love your pl pages.....i havent quite jumped on the pl bandwagon just yet......

  2. Yep i think you have turned to the dark side!! I too have yet to go down that road but as I have SO much stash to use up first!!! I think we can all vouch for that though, always love your work Melinda, you have such a gorgeous unique style...beautiful work. P.S. Your kids are super duper cuties too xx

  3. I don't know how you cope in those temps! You know how much I love this!!

  4. This is so awesome!! Your start to PL is stunning. Love it..x

  5. Good on you! I like how you've made a concept fit YOU...I think that's what scrapping is all about...LOVE it!!! And because it is doing what you want, how you want, betcha stick with it too...AND you don't need to buy extra stuff. Win win win, I Reckon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I don't know much about project life. What I do know is that I love your pages, however you makde them- amazing!

  7. I love the idea to print a screenshot of a Facebook photo with accompanying comments! I need to do this not for Project Life, but just for scrapbooking in general!

  8. Welcome on board! I am sure you'll love it. This is my 2nd year doing PL and it has grown to be my favorite Project. Ever. I love it even more because I get to use all my scraps!!!. There really is no need to buy specific kits. Love your pages and looking forward to seeing more :-)

  9. well you akready know I LOVE this, its simply AMAZING as always!!!!!

  10. I love that you have done PL style on a 12 x 12 layout making what you have work for the style not the other way around - and the layouts - well just stunning as always!