Chocolate Sunflower Tutorial...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In today's economic climate we tend to find ourselves thinking of ways to cut down our expenses in as many ways as possible without skimping on the necessities in life. I guess it's one of the reasons why I tend to salvage all my packaging as I'm constantly thinking that I'll find a use for it... eventually.

Today I have created a chocolate filled sunflower card that doubles as a gift-wrapping centrepiece for a box of home baked biscuits destined for someone special.

The whole concept was built around upcycled packaging from the Jillibean Expoxy buttons and I have included a full tutorial which is being featured on the Jillibean blog today.

This card was a test of will power as I have recently removed sugar from my diet and I haven't really been face to face with chocolate for the past couple of months. So happy to report that not one MnM was eaten by me, however Teddy managed to get his little hands on a couple.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to head over to the Jillibean blog HERE for full instructions on today's project.
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  1. what a yummy gift... love the design..

  2. Clever idea. You recycled. You added a gift of chocolate to the present. And you made a beautiful decoration for the package. Great job.

  3. so you seriously need to STOP!!!

  4. Well done on the will power! I gave up sugar and bread a few years ago - I was starving for 2 weeks, but then adjusted. I went down 3 sizes. Sadly I've relapsed and am now the biggest I've ever been due to hormones and medication which slowed down my metabolism, but I know I have to give up sugar again!
    Just saw your g'day card and saw you're a fellow Victorian
    Your sunflower is amazing!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that we loved your upcycle flower and we gave it a shout out on the Paper Crafter's Library Facebook page.