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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our children have always loved the beach and I have some rather cute photos of their first experiences so I made sure that I had the camera handy when it was Teddy's turn last September. He didn't hesitate with the noise from the waves crashing  but did lift his little feet up when he felt the cold water. And from what I can remember, it really was too cold to be indulging in a swim which is why I was happily placed well back from the water's edge and prime target for sand bombing. Aghh, the joys of sand!

DESIGNED FOR | Little Yellow Bicycle
PROJECT | Cherished Moments Layout

I actually had the idea for this layout at the time I took the photo because the seafoam came floating in on the sand and it gave me the idea of creating a layout with bubbles in the background to represent the foam. I didn't take a photo of the foam but found a similar picture on the internet, so you'll get what I'm talking about.

I decided to add the little punched hearts to the circles because they didn't look 'floaty' enough when they were solid discs.

TECHNIQUE | Handstitching
I love stitching by hand because it's so relaxing and I can take my layout into the loungroom, sit by the fire and watch a bit of TV rather than listen to it from around the corner. Makes life interesting when the Farmer is watching a foreign program that is subtitled as I have no idea what is going on from the next room. I had actually stitched all three rows in the white thread but I felt it got a bit lost so added a bit of colour with the blue and grey thread.

SUPPLIES | Little Yellow Bicycle:
VS-101 Cherry Curtains/Red Tiny Floral
VS-105 Blue Skies/Green Microcheck
VS-107 Red Floral/Light Blue Microcheck
WI-105 Cozy Cable Knit/Cozy Quilt
VS-305 Paper Crafting Pieces (66 Pieces)
VS-135 Favorite Pieces Stickers - with thermography (32 pieces)
VS-140 Fresh Verse Stickers - with debossing and thermograhy (43 pieces)
VS-160 Vellum Tape (15 pieces)
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  1. So beautiful! And I really love how you share your inspiration. I hope that I learn to see the world in the same way. TFS!!

  2. I love the way you see things too. ALL of your projects are so beautiful and so inspirational. This one is no different. I love the soft color palette and all of the pretty details that you added.

  3. just so beautiful!! I adore those hearts in the bubbles..x

  4. Very pretty. I can see how the sea foam could inspire you and you used it beautifully.

  5. Anything that comes out of your kitchen Melinda, is just magic!

  6. Wow, so well balanced, subtle and meaningful! What a beauty!

  7. I could get lost in the details on your page. Just gorgeous.

  8. Adorable! I love the 'shape' of the page and how you streamline the eye to the photo!

  9. The photo is priceless and your handwriting superb!

  10. Gorgeous photo...♥♥♥ those hearts in the circles...but RELAXING???? HAND stitching...hah! In your DReAMS...more like a nightmare when I 'have' to [that is, a LO decides it needs stitching]....I whine & scream & do everything possible to avoid it!!!!! Wish I liked sewing stuff more:):):)

  11. Hi.. I am a new follower. I really love this, love all the special touches, like the stitching, love the circle idea, but I really love the photo, and your hand writing is so neat too... lovely layout!!

  12. Melinda, you have a very interesting page, I sit and look at it and I can not tear myself away from this beauty. I'd love to stay in a regular blog readers.

  13. Oh this is simply wonderful! I love what you have done here! :D

  14. Wow, I could look at this all day! Love everything, from the circles, to your PERFECT stitching! I've just become a new follower...not sure how I haven't discovered your blog before now. Love your work & your style :)

  15. Ack! Look at those cute chubby little legs!!!! I love your page!