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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello and welcome to my blog... today I have a rather unusual project to share as I've been creating a dress-form for my teenage daughter's bedroom that is in the process of being renovated, painted and decorated. We are almost done much to her delight because we've been renovating the house for the past 14 years and she has never had paint on her walls let alone decorations. She has chosen a shabby chic style that 'must' include the Union Jack in as many places as possible which is the reason why this dress form isn't all pink and pretty like I had imagined it would be when I purchased it years ago.

DESIGNED FOR | Doodlebug Design
PROJECT | Decorated Dress-Form

I really wanted to soften the look of the skirt in contrast to the bold and bright sequinned bodice so I created layers of triangles using the Doodlebug Sprinkles Vellum in Lily white.

And finally I needed to cover the join between the sequins and the vellum so used a waist-band of ribbon and the gorgeous Petaloo flowers that were part of a product swap between the two companies. Thank you Petaloo!  Now I must admit that I did give my flowers a spritz of colour so they would blend in more with the red, white and blue. Happy to note the flowers took the colour well and dried very quickly.

SUPPLIES | Doodlebug
Doodlebug Sequins - Blue Jean
Doodlebug Sequins - Ladybug
Doodlebug Sequins - Lily White
Doodlebug Sprinkles Vellum - Lily White

Petaloo Flowers
White Sheer Ribbon
Dress Form
White Paint

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  1. Looks very cool! =) Especially love how you worked out the waistline.

  2. This is SO fantastic. You are without a doubt one of the most creative people I have ever met. Every project you make just blows me away!

  3. Wow! This is amazing! Lots of sequins!

  4. Very beautiful. Perfect for a young girl.

  5. That is AMAZING!!!! I love it so much! (DD is one lucky girl that you are such a patient & loving mumma to create this!) You never cease to wow me with your creations and your attention to detail. This just ROCKS!!!!

  6. Oh Melinda...perfect, magic work...ah you have such wonderful ideas, & they follow through to the end product.