Better late than never!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm going to stand on my soap box and proclaim that I'm twelve months behind in my blog as I just realised this layout is from Valentine's day 2016... Eeeek! I think I need to do a blog post a day for the next few weeks so bare with me as I play catch up!
To put my layout together I marked out a heart shape onto the background and added journaling using Doodlebug sentiment rub-ons. I then filled in the gaps with hand stitching over little clusters of embellishments.
TIP: Whenever I hand sew into sticky-back embellishments I dip my needle into baby powder every few stitches so it doesn't get all gooey from the adhesive.
The main cluster of flowers underneath the photos are made from the pre-cut 'Valentine Flowers' craft kit which contains over 35 reversible mix & match floral pieces. So you can flip them over to find the best combination for your project.
 Thanks for stopping by - Melinda

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